How Homeschoolers Benefit From Online Classes

Homeschooling takes on many forms. There are homeschoolers that use an eclectic style, those that unschool, those that use prepackaged curriculums and still others that rely on distance education to supplement hands-on instruction.
Homeschooling has come a long way in the past couple of decades and new homeschoolers are bombarded with educational options. The newness of online classes and the learning curve many homeschooling parents have to go through in the beginning, can make online classes an overlooked resource. Online classes benefit homeschoolers in different ways based on how their homeschool is run.

When students get older, some subjects become too complicated for parents to teach. On the other hand, some students require help beyond what a parent can provide. This is where online classes can benefit both parents and students who home educate. Both schools and organizations provide opportunities to take classes online. Students can continue their traditional from of homeschooling but supplement with online classes for certain subjects. Some subjects that homeschoolers can consider for an online class are geometry, physics, algebra and government. Students can also enroll in online writing classes if they struggle with learning proper grammar, spelling and sentence structure.

One benefit of online classes for homeschoolers is that parents get a little backup when it comes to teaching their child. Most homeschoolers deal with uncertainty at some point, especially in the beginning. Having an outside resource can calm instructional fears parents may be feeling.

Instructors vary in their methods and your child may click with an online class instructor in an area they have been struggling in at home. It also gives parents the option of discussing their child's education with the online class instructor to assess strengths and weaknesses. Some online classes require a test before the student can enroll in the class. These tests, which are usually provided free of charge if the student is enrolling, is an easy way for parents to see if their home education program is on track and working well.

One of the biggest benefits of online classes for homeschoolers is that older students can self-direct their learning. This teaches responsibility and time management skills. It also frees up the parent to work with younger kids, run errands or spend time doing something around the house. With online classes, parents get a little bit more freedom from the rigors of homeschooling. Online classes also show colleges that the student can perform well not only in their home education subjects, but also in subjects provided by a school or organization. This may help the student when applying for college or college scholarships.

The prospect of earning transferable credits is another benefit of online classes for homeschoolers. Homeschoolers are required to maintain their own records and transcripts. With some online classes, the credit earned are put on an accredited transcript which makes them transferable if a student re-enter public school or goes to college.

Even though most homeschooling families prefer to be in charge of their home education program, some families enjoy the option of distance education for homeschooling.





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