How To Earn An Associates Degree Online

You graduate high school and look forward to continuing your education at a college or university. Your first sixty credits help you earn an associates degree. This degree can help you get a better job or transfer to a better university. If you need to work or raise a family, but still want to work towards an associates degree, enroll in an online associates degree program. With a little research, you can find associates degree programs that are easily transferable to other schools.

Community colleges are popular for students who want to get their associates degree before working or attending a large school. Community colleges are also cheaper than larger schools. Community colleges offer distance education for associate degrees and certificates. Certain career development schools also offer associates degrees and certificates online. Depending on your future goals, this option is becoming more popular for students who wish to obtain a degree.

Associate degree programs are available online from an abundant number of schools. Associate degrees do not usually require too much field experience, so they are easier to offer online than degrees that require more in depth field experience. You can get an associate of arts degree or an associate of science degree online. The AA gives you credits worthy of transferring and the AS gives you a degree worthy of taking into the workforce. Online programs for both degrees include: criminal justice, education, accounting, psychology, sociology, business, automotive technology, computer technology and more.

Once you have done a little research and decided on your major, contact the schools you are interested in to find out if they offer your degree online. You can also research schools online to find schools out of your general area that may offer your major. Just make sure that any school you choose is accredited by an agency recognized by the Department of Education. You will have trouble transferring college credit from any online associates degree from an unaccredited school. Once you find a school, the application process is the same as if you were registering at the regular school. You will need to send in test scores and high school transcripts.

Once you are registered, begin enrolling in classes. Most classes will still require that you buy the same textbook that campus classes are using. Your professor will most likely assign reading sections from the textbook along with any work assignments. The great thing is that the due date will not be two days away. Online classes offer much more scheduling freedom than on campus classes.

If you are taking distance education classes at a local community college, you might consider taking a few night classes on campus along with your distance education classes. Once you have completed sixty or more credits, your school will grant you the associates degree. Most schools will allow online degree graduates to get their diploma with the other graduates at the graduation ceremony. If you work diligently, you can earn an online associates degree in two years or less.





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