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Private tutors and well-known tutoring franchises involve paying hefty fees and scheduling times convenient for you and the tutor. Some of these services provide tutors with questionable educational backgrounds. With online learning getting such a good reputation amongst students, teachers and school administration, different companies have started offering online tutoring services for a fraction of the cost of a traditional tutor.

Elementary, high school and college students have the opportunity of receiving individualized help in the privacy of their own home via online tutoring. There are numerous online tutoring services available with a wide range of fees and subjects. Students can get help in science, math, english, writing and test prep.

Online tutoring companies hire teachers and individuals with advanced education to tutor students through their program. The applicants to online tutoring companies are usually thoroughly screened to insure they have the education and experience necessary for successful tutoring. Many online tutors also receive extra training from the company that hires them. Some online tutoring programs boast tutoring services 24/7 so you can arrange for a session that meets your schedule.

Online tutoring works much like a regular tutor except the student does everything via their computer. Students will receive a screen name and password for signing on to their tutoring service. For some services, the student will prearrange a date and time to have their tutor available for them. Other services will list dates and times that tutors are available and for what subjects. Then students sign-up under the tutor they want. Online tutoring services use white boards, instant messaging and on occasion vocal sessions using microphones or headsets. Students will be able to work out math equations, fix writing errors or just ask simple questions during their session.

Like any online learning experience, there are things to watch out for when hiring an online tutor. Some online tutoring is free because the company does not use trained individuals. There may be a community message board, segmented by subject, which students post their questions on. Then anyone who registers with the site as a tutor can answer the question. There are no guarantees that this information is correct or valid.

The best way to test an online tutoring program is to accept any trial offers the company has on their website. Some sites offer one free tutoring session or a timed session for a reduced price. There are also certain libraries that offer free online tutoring for students. The only disadvantage to these is that they are only available when there is a librarian online to help. So online library tutors are not available early morning or late night hours.

Reasons to take advantage of online tutoring sessions are that you can access them anywhere you have a computer with Internet, you can receive homework help or tailor-made tutoring sessions at home, you can get help when you need it the most without waiting on a tutor and it is an affordable alternative to traditional tutoring. Students who take advantage of online tutoring services have extra edge in their academic career.





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